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花费时间做某事的英语词组是speng sometime on sth. spend的英式读法是[spend];美式读法是[spend]。 单词直接源自古英语的spendan;最初源自中世纪拉丁语的spendere,意为花钱。 作名词意思有预算;花销。作动词意思有花费;浪费;度过;用尽(...

找出时间做某事 Find time to do sth. 找出时间做某事 Find time to do sth.

spend time doing sth spend time on sth it takes time to do sth

It takes/costs sb. some time/money to do sth.

擅长做某事的英语:be good at、be skilled in、be adept in、be skilled in、do well in。 1、be good at 英 [bi ɡʊd æt] 美 [bi ɡʊd æt] v.善于 I independence, because I be good at association with person. 我独立,...

训练某人做某事 Train sb. to do Sth. train 英 [treɪn] 美 [tren] v. 培养;训练;瞄准

采取措施 做某事的英文:take step;Take measures to do sth 1、take step 采取步骤;办手续 例句 Can you possibly suggest for me a list of math courses that a typical economics student should take step by step? 您能给我一些建议:一...

抽时间做某事 spare some time to do sth

抽时间做某事” find time for sth;get around to doing

Succeed in doing sth。 succeed 英 [səkˈsiːd] 美 [səkˈsiːd] v.达到目的;实现目标;办到;做成;成功;有成就;有作为;接替;继任;随后出现 If marriage is to succeed in the 1990's, then people have to recognise...


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